Helpful Middle School Websites Membership is $10/month, or $80 for a whole year.  This website tracks students progress through different mathematical concepts as well as increasing difficulty as questions pass. – Membership is $36 for a whole year, but most items can be found for free.  This could also be used as practice problems, where the student copies the question into a notebook and then completes it. Free.  This websites has activities to complete on the computer, which are all linked to Common Core State Standards.  These activities are also timed which will help with students’ fluency. Free.  This page includes online lessons that explain different concepts.  The lessons are explained in simple terms which should be understood by everyone. Free.  This is a math website that provides video lessons that students and parents can go online and watch to deepen their understanding of a concept. Free.  Learn Zillion is another website that provides video lessons on any concept.  This is slightly more child friendly as far as math language and ideas go. Free interactive website where parents and/or students can select a concept to work on.  Their progress is tracked through each activity.  This is good for students interested in animals.  For students aged 5 – 15.