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Welcome to Middle School

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The middle school philosophy includes creating a system in which students can explore the world through different learning activities and also have some choice and say in their own education. Fontana's "wheel" classes, referred to as "exploratories" in some schools, allow students to have common experiences and explore their worlds outside of the academic content areas. In elementary schools, these classes are often referred to as "specials." At Fontana, we have six wheel classes through which our middle school students rotate. Those classes are general music, physical education, world languages, 21st-century skills, art, and health.Our middle school wheel classes take place between 10:50 and 12:00 every day, and students have two separate classes during that time period. Electives, on the other hand, are classes that students can choose to take. Our electives take place on an "A/B" day schedule so that students who elect to take band or chorus can still have another elective or so that students can take both band and chorus. The electives offered each 6 weeks change according to the needs we see as a middle school and the passions of our elective teachers. The elective is at the end of the day and takes place from 2:50-3:30