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5K - Ms. Murtell & Mrs. Selvey




  • Children are our greatest asset and our foremost priority.

  • It is essential to nurture the development of the whole child.  All areas of a child’s development, including social, emotional, intellectual, and physical, are interrelated.

  • Young children learn by doing.  Learning is a complex process that results from the interaction of children’s own thinking and their experiences in the world.  Maturation is an important contributor to learning because it provides a framework from which learning proceeds.

  • Children learn best by making connections using concrete, relevant, engaging and open-ended activities through curriculum integration.

  • Children need opportunities to develop self esteem, respect for others, and positive peer relationships.  Offering small and large group activities not only develops cognitive ability but promotes interaction and collaboration.

  • Each child is a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth and development.  It is our goal to challenge each child to reach his/her potential and discover the wonder of learning.

  • Children need a safe environment which provides opportunities to solve problems, take risks, make decisions, and experience logical consequences.

  • An environment sensitive to diversity prepares children to live and work in an ever-changing, global society.

  • Children construct new understanding based upon prior knowledge.  The process of learning begins at home, continues in the classroom, is supported by the community, and is a lifelong endeavor.

Susan Selvey,
Sep 25, 2013, 11:17 AM