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1/30/18- 2/2/18

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7th Grade learning target for the week:
    I can identify the elements in a chemical reaction.

8th Grade learning target for the week:
    I can graph acceleration.
    Quiz on Thursday.

January 8th-12th, 2018

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8th grade will be reading Weather Maps in order to create their own weather report.  We will spend some time reviewing on Friday in order to prepare ourselves for our Weather and Water unit exam on Monday!

7th grade will be researching their favorite planet to create a presentation which they will share with the class on Thursday, January 11th.  Their last day to work on this in class will be Monday, January 8th due to MAP testing.  The details to this assignment can be found on Google Classroom.


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We will be taking a break from our regular science curriculum Monday and Tuesday to focus on choosing our Science Fair projects.  The science fair this year will occur on February 22nd.  Projects will be due on the 21st.  More information and a copy of the informational packet can be found under the "Science Fair" tab on my classroom website.  Good luck!


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