April 28-May 2

posted Apr 26, 2014, 2:05 PM by Kristin Rabe

Science Class

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


I can prove transpiration is happening in plants.


I can discuss theories of moon formation.


I can discover the properties of lenses.



I can prove transpiration is happening in plants.

A: Read p. 35 in textbook.

Quiz tomorrow!

 I can I can identify important elements of a mission to the moon.

A: p.51

I can demonstrate how lenses project images.

A: p. 17



I will do awesome on today’s quiz because I can understand transpiration.


I can build a scale model of the Earth/Moon relationship.

A: Read p.35 in textbook.

I can show that the number and shape of lenses affect where an image will focus.

A: p. 19, 21, and read Lenses and Light in textbook.


I can dissect a flower to find the different parts.

A: p.42

I can choose a good landing place on the moon.

A: Read p. 74 in textbook.


 I can construct a model of the human eye to study how images are focused.

A: Read p. 34-35 in textbook.

Quiz tomorrow!


I can explain the function of flowers and pollination.

A: p. 45 in lab notebook and p. 45 in textbook


I can understand the Apollo missions.

I will ace this quiz because I can understand how lenses in the eye work.