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Student Council

Welcome to the Fontana School's Student Council Page.  
Here you will find the most current and up-to-date information on Student Council activities and projects.   Enjoy!

Mission Statement

The mission of Fontana Grade School Student Council is to inspire and empower others to make positive changes personally and socially. The purpose of the Student Council is to provide leadership for the student body and to contribute to the spirit and mission of the school. Fontana’s Student Council acts as a voice for the student body to the faculty and administration, represents the interests and needs of students, and takes action to serve the school and wider community.   

We will do this by the following:

  • Encourage others to take risks through participating in leadership activities.

  • Share in the development, promotion, coordination, and management of school activities.

  • Create a positive environment where we will show respect kindness, and compassion towards others.

  • Engage our community, friends, families, and Fontana Elementary students by creating and sharing a worthwhile projects/activities that are effective, positive, and meaningful.

  • Serve as a source of communication between student body and faculty and administration of the the school.

  • Lead by example and take responsibility that will enable us to make a difference and impact our school, community and country.  


Fontana Grade School is a school that promotes the active involvement of all individuals; students, staff, teachers, and volunteers. Fontana’s Student Council members are leaders and positive role models for our school.  To recognize, foster, and build capacity for student leadership, Fontana’s Student Council is open to all students in 6-8th grade.  In order to better serve the school community, Student Council will create and maintain committees that will engage a variety of students in carrying out its mission. Student Council members are required to be actively involved with at least one committee throughout the school year.


The following committees will brighten the spirit and help meet the mission of Fontana Student Council by actively involving individuals and citizens of our wonderful school and community. More committees are in the works, so stayed tuned

  • Spirit 
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Community

Meet the FGS Student Council 


Ms. Foat and Mrs. Bolly are the force behind this year's Student Council. They can be contacted at:

262.275.6881 ext. 221          262.275.6881 ext. 214

Spirit Week 2016-17!

posted Sep 14, 2016, 5:27 AM by Kara Bolly

Monday, September 19: PJ Day!  Roll out of bed and come to class in school appropriate PJs!

Tuesday, September 20:  Sports Day!  Support your favorite sports team by wearing your jersey/team colors.

Wednesday, September 21: Mismatch Day!  Wear your craziest mismatched outfit!

Thursday, September 22: Costume/Decade Day!  Come as your favorite character or blast from the past!  No masks.

Friday, September 23:  Spirit Day!  Wear Red, White, and Black!

Spirit Week September 28-October 2

posted Sep 28, 2015, 1:44 PM by Kara Bolly

Sept. 28th  Monday-  PJ Day

Sept. 29th  Tuesday-  Mix-matched/Crazy Hair Day

Sept. 30th  Wednesday- Decades Day (Dress as a blast from the past)

Oct. 1st    Thursday-  Formal Day

Oct. 2nd  Friday-  Show off your school pride and wear your school colors.  Students may also wear their favorite sports team hat!!!

Upcoming Student Council Activities

posted May 1, 2015, 9:32 AM by Cory Foat

Wow....Spring and the end of the year has creeped up on us very fast.  Fontana's Student Council would like give an update on the following events that will take place in the month of May.  

  • May 11th-15th we will hold a "coin war" (any coins are welcome) and accept donations for Lakeland Animal Shelter.  We encourage anyone will to participate to do so!  This goes to a great near by community animal rescue shelter.  The classroom for the winner of the coin war will receive a popcorn party held by the student council.  
  • May 18th-21st will be the last Spirit Week of the year!  The dress up days are as follows:

                        Monday: Color Day- Wear as many colors as you can
                         Tuesday:  Tie Tuesday
                        Wednesday:  Summer Day-Dress for a vacation; keep it school appropriate
                        Thursday: Red Out

Student Council Update for the Month of February

posted Jan 21, 2015, 11:56 AM by Cory Foat   [ updated Feb 3, 2015, 12:27 PM ]

Can't believe that it's already 2015! Fontana's Student Council would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year!!  Student Council has been working hard on developing upcoming activities not only for the "school community" here at Fontana Elementary but the surrounding communities as well. The following is a list of current activities that Student Council will be sponsoring. 

  • For the month of February, Student Council decided to host Fun Fridays by having the middle school students and staff participate in dress-up days. Dates and themes are as follows:
                                         *February 6th (Friday)- PJ day.    "Wear your favorite Pj's that are school appropriate"
                                         *February 12th (Thursday)- Red, White, and Pink Day.    "Show your Valentine's Day Spirit!!"
                                         *February 20th (Friday)- Sports Day    "Show some pride by supporting your favorite sport/team"
                                         *February 26th (Thursday)- Character Day   "Dress in true character form representing your favorite character from a movie, book, or                                                                                                                             history" 
  • February 2-6th- Student Council will be selling CRUSH cans of soda for middle school students to buy and give to their "special someone" (meaning a friend, crush, etc)   Student Council members will be delivering the cans to the students on February 12th to take home.
  • February 14th-  Come and support Fontana's Student Council at Big Foot Area High School today from 8-10am!   Fontana's Student Council will be selling concessions for the girls basketball tournament. Not only can you support Fontana's Student Council, but you can also CHEER on the Girls' basketball team! 
  • February 20th-  Student Council will be hosting its 2nd dance of the year.  All students in grades 6th-8th are welcome. Students from surrounding districts are welcome, but they must have a signed permission slip before they will be allowed to enter.  Any individual from another district can obtain a permission slip at Fontana's school office.

***Visit our page often to find the latest and upcoming Student Council News!***


Upcoming Dance for Middle School

posted Oct 23, 2014, 10:56 AM by Cory Foat

Fontana's Student Council is hosting the first middle school dance of the year on November, 7th from 6-9pm.  Please remember that if you would like to bring a friend that does not attend Fontana Elementary, you need to have them fill out a permission slip.  You can pick a permission slip up in the office or from any of the middle school teachers. 

The consessions stand will be open to provide snacks and drinks!

The cost of the dance for Fontana students is $3.  The cost for students who do not attend Fontana Elementary is $5.

We hope to see all of you there and don't forget to bring your dancing shoes!!!

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Foat or Ms. Lussenden  

Spirit Wear

posted Oct 22, 2014, 6:27 AM by Cory Foat

Just a reminder that Student Council is doing one last bulk order of Spirit Wear of the current designs.   Student Council and the 8th grade 21st century skills class is working on new designs/trends.  Hopefully the new Spirit Wear will be available by January 2015!!!!!  If you would like to place an order of the current Spirit Wear please do so by the October 31st deadline.  

Fall Spirit Week 2014

posted Sep 9, 2014, 1:15 PM by Cory Foat

Spirit week is approaching quite fast this year.  Please join us and show your school spirit!!  Big shout out to Big Foot Area High School.  Good Luck at your Homecoming Game!!!

                                                                            Spirit Week Schedule

Date: September 22nd- 26th

~Monday:  Pajama Day - Come to school in your comfy (school appropriate) Pj’s!

~Tuesday:  Twin Day- Find a friend and dress alike!

~Wednesday:  Crazy/Mismatch Day-  Don’t bother picking out that matched outfit!  Come wearing clothing that is nothing alike.

~Thursday:  Sports Day- Show us your favorite sports team by dressing head- to -toe in team apparel


~Friday: Spirit Day -  Wear your Red and White to show your Fontana Spirit!!!!

******All Spirit week days will still follow school wide policies and appropriate attire.  Anything deemed inappropriate by a staff member can/will result in a change of clothing********

******No crazy hair that might interrupt students learning and NO FACE PAINT*******

Welcome back

posted Sep 3, 2014, 1:01 PM by Cory Foat

Student Council would like to welcome back our wonderful students, staff and community. We hope everyone had a FANTASTIC summer. We are looking forward to an awesome, fun filled year with a variety of events.  

Just a few reminders:
  • The 1st Student Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 9th during lunch.
  • Student Council is open to ALL middle school students (6th-8th).  Please attend the first meeting and see what it is all about.  We promise you won't regret it!! :) Student Council is a great way to be involved in our school and also within the community. We would love to see some fresh faces join our team!
  • Spirit week is almost here, so please stay tuned to see what's in store!  
Hope everyone is enjoying their 1st week back and we look forward to this upcoming year!!! 

~Ms. Foat and Ms. Lussenden

Friday October 18th- Fall Fun Fest!!!

posted Oct 15, 2013, 10:11 AM by Cory Foat

Friday October 18th is Fontana's Fall Fun Fest!!!  Please come and support our PTO!!!  

Student Council will be running a variety of activities in the Library such as the following:

  • A radar challenge
  • XBOX games/ challenges
  • Nerf Game challenge 
  • IPAD activities

So come festive and show us your school support!!! Looking forward to seeing new and old faces :)

~Fontana's Student Council

Spirit Week.........Show us your Fontana's Spirit!!!

posted Sep 25, 2013, 12:29 PM by Cory Foat

Spirit Week Schedule

Date: September 30th- October 4th

~Monday:  Pajama Day - Come to school ready to learn in your comfy (school appropriate) Pj’s!

~Tuesday:  Crazy/Mismatch Day-  Don’t bother picking out that matched outfit!  Mix and match and go crazy!!!!!

~Wednesday:  Hawaiian Day -  Aloha!!  Sport your Hawaiian shirts and shorts to celebrate our 50th state

~Thursday:  Decades Day

-8th: 80s - Break out the sweatbands and leg warmers

-7th:  70s - Bell bottoms and Disco Style outfits

-6th:  60s -  Shirt-waist dresses, turtlenecks, pencil skirts, go-go boots  (think Jackie O style)

-Rest of  School Chooses

~Friday: Spirit Day -  Wear your Red and White to show your Fontana Spirit!!!!

******All Spirit week days will still follow school wide policies and appropriate attire.  Anything deemed inappropriate by a staff member can/will result in a change of clothing********

******No crazy hair that might interrupt students learning and NO FACE PAINT*******

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