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In Case of Emergency

Fontana School’s Crisis Plan for Parent/Child Reunification

In the event of an emergency, parents/guardians are encouraged NOT to initially respond to the school during a crisis situation. Should there be an emergency (national, local or school) parents are asked to:
  • Cooperate with safety and school officials.

  • Wait for notification of how, when and where to respond. This notification will come via our district’s instant alert messaging system, local TV stations and radio stations – which may include the following: WLKG 96.1 FM; WMCW; WTMJ 620 AM; 99.9 FM; WLS 94.7 FM; WGN 720 AM and Milwaukee TV stations.

  • The location of the reunification site will be announced. Please be aware that the location (both on and off campus) is subject to change depending on the nature of the emergency.

  • Proper identification will be required at the reunification site (driver’s license, passport, military ID).
Please know that only emergency contacts listed on your child’s emergency sheet will be allowed to sign out your child. If you wish to authorize additional individuals or daycare centers to pick up your child in the event of any emergency, please see that the changes are made A.S.A.P on your child’s emergency sheet. Students will not be released to friends, neighbors, siblings, etc. unless they are listed. For Security Reasons – no phone authorizations will be accepted.

During the Reunification Process

Arriving parents/guardians will be instructed where (what door) to enter and which designated area to report to. Parents will not be permitted to go to specific student holding areas; this is for security and accountability reasons.
  • Parents/guardians will report to the assigned reunification area and provide the name of their child/children.

  • A government issued picture ID may be required by the person(s) in charge of the Adult Report point/reunification area to insure that the person requesting the child/children is a match to the name on emergency sheets.

  • A runner will go to the student and staff assembly area and get the child/children requested by the parent/guardian. The runner will escort the student back to the “release area” of the reunification area.

  • Parents/guardians will be asked to sign indicating they picked up their child/children with the date & time.

  • Once parent and child are reunited, they will exit the building through one door.

If the requested child is missing in the student/staff assembly area, the requesting parent/guardian will be escorted to the “Notification Area” where more information on the student will be provided. Counselors and mental health workers will also be in this area if needed.

Thank you for your partnership in school and community safety. The processes indicated in this letter are in keeping with best practices and your cooperation is requested as a means of supporting an orderly, safe reunion between you and your child(ren).

We will do our part to make sure that the smoothest possible reunification occurs in time of crisis. Working together, we can accomplish this as best we can during any difficult situation. If you have any questions about this process, please feel to contact me anytime at 262-275-6881, ext. 205.

Dr. Sara Norton
District Administrator