Board Priorities 2020 (updated)

posted Sep 13, 2017, 7:27 AM by   [ updated Sep 13, 2017, 7:36 AM ]

Final statement approved at 8/28/17 board meeting.

The Fontana J8 Board of Education has identified the following priorities. These priorities will help guide policy, budget, and long-range planning decisions.


We will focus on communicating regularly with our families and the wider community regarding the school, what the Board does, and how they can get involved.

Early Childhood Education

We will focus on integrating our new preschool program with our 4K and 5K classes to deliver a seamless early childhood education that builds the foundation for long term success in the district.

Measures of Success

Given the constantly-changing nature of the report cards issued by the state, we will focus on developing our own district-level report card, so that we can identify and report on the outcomes and measures that are most important to the community. We will begin by reporting on mastery of grade-level standards.

Teacher Development

We will focus on recruiting and retaining amazing teachers and providing them with the training and support they need to continue to grow in their profession. Our hope is to have a National Board Certified teacher at each grade level.

Long-Range Planning

We will develop long-range strategies to deal with declining resident enrollment in the district.

2017-18 Action Items:

Communication: Schedule a brainstorming session so that the board can offer specific suggestions in this area, based on our interactions with and knowledge of the community. If needed, budget for a stipend to support staff time in this area.

Early Childhood Education: Budget for professional development for preschool and kindergarten teachers to do together. Budget for substitute teachers (if needed) so that preschool and kindergarten teachers have time during the school year to meet, reflect, and plan together.

Measures of Success: This spring the administration will report to the board on student mastery of grade-level standards. This report will build on work already done to align standards across grade levels, and the annual review of 4th and 8th grade classes for promotion. The administration will also investigate how we might gather data from students after they leave us, either from their high school (with the appropriate permissions), or from the students themselves. Our board representative at the BFASA will propose that the consortium develop a plan to share data.

Teacher Development: At the beginning of the school year, administration will meet with teachers to draw out professional development needs (rather than waiting until training is requested). The Board will strive to provide budget to support needed training.

Long-Range Planning: Once our new business manager has completed a full school year with us, we will ask her to create a financial model showing how different enrollment scenarios affect our budget.