At Fontana, we take a positive approach to student behavior. It is not enough to tell students what NOT to do. We must also model and teach appropriate behavior so that students learn to treat each other with kindness and respect.

Our safety committee reviews our anti-bullying program each year. If you would like to be involved in this process, please contact Dr. Norton to volunteer.

Below is a brief overview of our anti-bullying efforts. Parents who are interested in learning more can meet with Dr. Norton, Mrs. Smithyman, or our school counselor, Denise Ocker.

Overall Policy and Curriculum

  • The district’s policy on bullying is included each year in the student handbook (see the last page). An overview was also included in the November 2016 Falcon Flyer.

  • Internet safety and appropriate behavior are embedded in our 21st Century curriculum and addressed at all grade levels.

  • Specific instances of bullying (or behavior that is inappropriate even if it cannot be classified as bullying) are handled on a case-by-case basis, following the school policy. Details of how each case is handled, including supports, consequences, or action plans, are shared only with parents of the affected students.

All Grades

  • Guidance Program: Each month, an important character trait or theme is identified on our district calendar. Teachers at all grade levels as well as the guidance counselor emphasize that trait through discussions and activities throughout the month. In the past, we have supported this aspect of our character education program with community groups. We are in the midst of planning them to start up again next year.

  • Falcon Award for Character: Teachers at each grade level identify a student who has shown outstanding character. These students are recognized at our “Falcon Awards assembly at the end of each trimester.

  • National Kindness Week: (February 13-17, 2017) See our February school newsletter and Falcon Flyer for details.

  • Project Wisdom: Fontana began this research-based program in 2012. These daily announcements follow a different theme each month.

4K - 5th Grade

  • Kelso's Choice: On November 18th, Mrs. Ocker hosted a Falcon Forum on the Kelso's Choice program and Kelso's wheel, a peaceful conflict resolution system that we use in grades K-3. This was announced in the Falcon Flyer and in an instant alert. Students also brought home a handout for parents.

  • Wise Choices: This program rewards good behavior and timely completion of school work over the course of the year, beginning in grades 4-5 and continuing through grades 6-8.

  • Buddy Bench (coming soon!): Mrs. Ocker also applied for a grant for a buddy bench, which you may have seen in recent news stories. This grant application was approved, and our buddy bench will be in place for the 2017-18 school year.

Middle School

  • Outdoor Wisconsin Leadership School (OWLS): The 8th grade begins their final year at Fontana School with a day of teambuilding and leadership training that focuses on communication and trust. We are in our fourth year of attending OWLS at Holiday Home Camp

  • Positive Impact Day: This day of service is held each spring. Students volunteer in the community, for example at the local animal shelter.

  • Wise Choices: This program rewards good behavior and timely completion of school work over the course of the year, beginning in grades 4-5 and continuing through grades 6-8.

  • Students of Concern: The middle school teachers meet weekly during a common planning period to identify situations and/or students of concern or that have come to their attention. Although they do discuss academic issues, the middle school team is very aware of how students are emotionally, behaviorally, and socially as well. They understand that our students need to feel emotionally safe in order to learn. If they believe it is necessary, the middle school team will bring administration, the guidance counselor, or school psychologist into these discussion/planning sessions. Follow-up actions have ranged from something as simple as keeping an eye a particular student, to documenting behavior issues, to meeting with the students and/or parent/guardians, to creating a special guidance workshop around a particular topic, or even a “principal’s visit” to the classroom.


The most effective way to address a specific concern is to meet with Dr. Norton. The communication methods below are more general.

  • Falcon Flyer Newsletter: The district newsletter is distributed to all our families either electronically (both via email and on Facebook) or on paper. Most issues include the Anti-Bullying Corner. Links to older issues can be found on the school’s web site.

  • Falcon Forums: Our school guidance counselor hosted a Falcon Forum on February 17th to talk about National Kindness Week. This was announced in the February Falcon Flyer and in an instant alert.

  • Truth be Told: Not all parents or community members are comfortable calling the school to raise an issue or share a rumor. In December 2016, an anonymous online suggestion box was added to the school’s web site and announced in the Falcon Flyer that month. People can either include contact information if they would like follow-up, or they can make their communication anonymous, simply bringing it to the attention of the school. Issues and rumors can then be addressed in future communications with parents.