Notice of Educational Options for Children Who Reside in the District

The Fontana JT 8 School District offers a variety of educational options to children who reside in the District. It is the mission of our district to be a child-centered, community-oriented, respectful, and safe collaborative environment. To accomplish this, we will ensure maximum achievement for each student, enhance learning with developmentally appropriate instruction, and develop responsible problem-solving strategies as we adapt to a diverse and ever-changing society.

The District’s primary educational pathway and instructional program for students involves a progression from 4-year old kindergarten through 8th grade.

The District’s school and most recent state-assigned performance category is listed below:

Fontana Grade School

  • Flexible 3-year-old preschool (Monday. - Friday. from 8:00 am - 3:15 pm - cost will depend on the number of days enrolled.)

  • 4k - 8th grade

  • 79.6 Exceeds Expectations (20)

Some of the specific education programs offered to eligible students who are enrolled in and attending the District school include the following:

  • Early childhood special education (for students who are at least 3 years old but not yet school-aged).

  • Special education for students with disabilities.

  • English language learner education.

  • Gifted and talented education.

  • A personalized program and curriculum modifications.

  • Accelerated programming, including courses taken at Big Foot High School.

  • Summer school programming.

The full version of the District’s most recent school and school district accountability report, as issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction under section 115.385 of the state statutes, can be accessed via the following page on the District’s website (if the report has been issued by DPI): School Report Cards

Educational options for students who reside in the Fontana JT 8 School District that involve full-time enrollment/attendance at a school, program, or other educational institution that is not a school or instrumentality of the Fontana JT 8 School District include the following:

  • Full-time open enrollment involving physical attendance in a public school of a nonresident school district or attendance through a virtual charter school that is associated with a nonresident school district.

  • Enrollment in a private school of the family’s choosing (at the family’s own cost, as applicable).

  • Enrollment in a home-based private educational program as provided under state law.

Educational options for children who reside in the Fontana JT 8 School District but who are enrolled in and attending a private school or home-based private educational program include the following:

  • Such students have the opportunity to attend summer school classes/programs offered in the District.

  • Students who are enrolled in a home-based private educational program have the opportunity to:

    • Apply for approval to take up to two courses per semester in public schools as provided under section 118.53.

    • Participate in District interscholastic athletics and other District extracurricular activities as provided under section 118.53

For more information about any of the educational options listed in this notice, please contact the District’s main administrative office at 262.275.6881 or the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

Adoption Date: November 23, 2015