School update

Hello Falcons!

Week 28 provided some much needed respite from our school year to allow for a successful final quarter of the school year.  The final days of spring break brought a friendly reminder that winter may not be fully in the rearview mirror!  Here are FIVE things to know as we return from spring break!

  1. Pictured, is our 2nd grade class that completed our annual trip to the Lake Geneva YMCA.  Once a week, for a month, the students learn about water safety, practice swimming techniques, and learn from the YMCA staff in and out of the water.  We are grateful for the experience to safely explore the water.
  2. School resumes tomorrow, Monday, March 27th for all students.  See you tomorrow Falcons!!
  3. All K-5 report cards were mailed home over spring break.  Please call the office 262-275-6881 if you did not get your child(s) report card and we can get one to you right away.
  4. At this time, our rescheduled parent/teacher conferences have been completed.  If you still need additional time with your child(s) teacher, please reach out and we are happy to help.
  5. Thank you to our custodians and building staff for getting our school extra clean, organized, and ready for the final part of the school year.  We are also grateful to our daycare and staff for providing our community much needed childcare during our break.  Our school is used all year to support our community in many capacities.

Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy your spring break Sunday!!  See you tomorrow Falcons!

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