School update

Hello Falcons!!

Our final week in April was filled with learning, activities, and a return to more pre-pandemic activities.  Pictured is our 8th graders that made the trip to Washington D.C. this week for explore, learn, and be a part of our Country's history.  Here are FIVE things to know this week:

  1. Did you know that Fontana is recognized as a "Tree City" for our work on Arbor Day, planting trees, and intentionally educating our public on the importance of trees.  Every year our 4th grade students prepare/present a community wide assembly for Arbor Day in partnership with the Village of Fontana.  Every 4th grader then leaves with a tree to plant.  Thank you to the Village of Fontana and Mr. Patrick Kenny for being a part of our assembly.
  2. Our 8th graders spent 3 days in Washington D.C. visiting sights, learning about our government, and the history of our Country.  It was wonderful to experience learning outside the classroom walls while also learning alongside their soon-to-be Big Foot classmates from all four K-8 schools in our area.
  3. Starting this Monday, May 1st, our 6th graders will. be spending the entire week at the 63rd Edition of Outdoor Education.  We are so proud of our unique and traditional program that spans the entire week, without cell phones, to embrace nature, learn about our natural resources, and become connected to the area we live.
  4. All students completed their Wisconsin Forward testing this past week.  It is typically a 3 day event that provides data for our school report card and updated learning targets.  The information from this test is given back to each school in late summer and we will provide the outcomes to each family (3-8th grade) at the beginning of next school year.  At Fontana, we have many detailed indicators of learning and the Forward test is one part of a larger system.
  5. Don't miss our second track meet of the year on Monday, May 1st, at Big Foot High School.  The meet will. begin at 4pm.  We look forward to seeing you all there to cheer on our Falcon track athletes!

Have a great weekend Falcons and spring/summer has to be on the way soon.  Hang in there Falcons!

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