Save the Date…

Kids Heart Challenge is Right Around the Corner!

Fontana is proud to partner with the American Heart Association.


Next week, we will begin learning about how to take care of our hearts, spreading the message to friends and family, and helping others when we can! The American Heart Association will be visiting our campus on Tuesday, January 21st  to kick off Kids Heart Challenge. The American Heart Association’s goal is to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans. They will challenge our kids to start living a healthy lifestyle now to prevent problems later; and give them an opportunity to participate in a service learning project that funds the fight against heart disease and stroke - #1 and #5 cause of death in our country. Your student has an opportunity to be recognized during our kickoff by completing one or both of the following steps:

Step 1: Register

Go to http://www2.heart.org/goto/fontana


OR download the free mobile app!

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Step 2: Take Finn’s Mission

Students will earn a free buildable wristband as they work on healthy habits. This year’s challenge options are to

“Be Kind” “Move More” “Be Ready”

We hope you will help encourage them along the way.


Step 3: Collect & Earn

When you see this Heart Hero Mark, you can bring the hero to life via the app!


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For our early “Fun-raisers” – Wristbands and Slow Rise Squishy Hearts will be awarded during the kickoff. Please be sure to complete the following before noon the day prior to your kickoff in order for your child to be recognized.


1. Register & take the challenge: Receive wristband and heart heroes.

2. Raise $100 ONLINE: Receive a limited edition Slow Rise Heart Squishy.


Classroom Challenge BONUS INCENTIVES:


Student Incentives:

1. Register & take the challenge: Receive virtual wristband.


2. Raise $10 ONLINE: Get Buy One Get One FREE Milwaukee Bucks Voucher AND entered into drawing to participate in On Court Fan Experiences.


3. Raise $100 ONLINE: Receive a limited edition Slow Rise Heart Squishy


School Incentives:

School earns additional $100 -$500 when 50% of the students take Finn’s Heart Healthy Challenge!


Classroom Incentives:

When 100% of the students in the class take the heart healthy challenge – everyone in the class receives a “Mystery Prize”

Student emails do not count.  Must sign up with parent email.


A $25 Gift Card for the classroom Teacher!


A Recess Bundle to keep in the Classroom for all to use!


Click Here to Get Started: