End of Year Updates

Hello Parents:

We are heading into the home stretch for the school year and I wanted to share some updates. This is not an exhaustive list so please email or call our office with any questions or needs for clarification.

Reminders and Updates:

  1. Monday, May 18th is the first day of student/family pick-up of all school belongings.  This will include art portfolios, school pictures, PE clothes, and locker/desk belongings.  Remember, if you have more than one student, your pick-up day is the day of your OLDEST child.
  2. The last day assignments will be assigned is May 26th.
  3. May 26th is also the first day students/families will drop off any school related materials including Chromebooks and chargers (schedule below).
  4. Our 4th quarter report cards will represent the performance of students with the understanding/considerations of the many challenges families faced during this transition to remote learning.  If, for whatever reason, we did not get enough evidence in any certain standard, that standard will simply show as N/A or Not Assessed at this time
  5. The last day of school for 8th graders is Thursday May 28th and the last day for the rest of the school is June 3rd.  We will have two virtual field days on June 1st and 2nd and our final day is June 3rd.
  6. May 29th will be the last day lunch/food will be served at Fontana.  Lunch will continue to be available at Big Foot through June 4th for those that would like to go to Big Foot for continued lunch.
  7. Yearbooks are ordered, but on hold as the processing was delayed with closures due to COVID.  We will keep you posted on the progress of yearbook availability.

Pickup Schedule (all days are open from 9a-3:30p for pickup):

Monday May 18th--7/8th grade

Tuesday May 19th--3/6th grade

Wednesday May 20th--4/5th grade

Thursday May 21st--1/2nd grade

Friday May 22nd--3k/4k/5k

Drop Off Schedule (all days are open from 9a-3:30p for drop off):

Tuesday May 26th--6/7/8th grade

Wednesday May 27th--4/5th grade

Thursday May 28th--2/3rd grade

Friday May May 29th--3k/4k/5k/1st grade

Our 8th grade promotion ceremony has been scheduled, with parent input, for July 24th at 7pm at Fontana School.  We are hoping to maintain as many traditions as possible while remaining safe.  I know this is a lot of information so please let us know if you have any questions or need for clarification.  Thank you.