Hello Falcons!

Week 29 has led us into spring break.  As a reminder--Wisconsin provides any/all types of weather in spring so please be sure your Falcon is prepared in layers!  Have a safe and relaxing spring break everyone!  Here are FIVE things to know this week.

  1. Our third grade was able to tap some maple trees on our school property and made their very own maple syrup.  Their work led to enjoying some pancakes and homemade syrup.  Thank you to Mr. Reckamp for coming in to show our students about natures wonders.
  2. We are tentatively planning for a new student 4k/5k screening on April 16th.  More information coming soon, but please contact Steve Torrez (storrez@fontana.k12.wi.us) if you are interested in our early childhood programs.  This screening would be for anyone not already involved in our school.
  3. This year's spring break starts today and our school will return to in person learning on Tuesday, April 6th.
  4. We are happy to report that our school currently has zero active COVID cases.  Let's continue to be safe and well Falcons.  We are proud of your commitment and teamwork!
  5. Our staff and school board are actively planning for a safe Outdoor Education program this school year (May 2021). Earlier in the school year, our school board and school made the decision to  move OE to 6th grade where it began 60 years ago.  This change to 6th grade will carry on beyond COVID and aligns with our science curriculum.  We are excited to continue the long standing tradition established so many years ago!

We are so thankful to all of our staff and community each week.  The care for everyone and family atmosphere is never taken for granted.  Please take the next week to recharge, relax, and take care of yourselves!  Happy Spring Break Falcons!

Your Partners in Education