Hello Falcons,

The Wisconsin FORWARD test was the primary focus during week 32 of our school year.  Last year, due to COVID school closures, the Forward test was not administered.  Thank you to all of our virtual families for making arrangements to take the test as well.  Here are FIVE things to know this week:

  1. A reminder, as the weather gets warmer, we have dress code expectations to keep students safe and well.  Please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather in a school setting.
  2. Mr. Schultz and our health office will be starting some health/wellness units in the coming weeks.  Be on the lookout for permission slips and notifications of our health units to be covered.  As always, if you have any questions, please contact our office.
  3. We are excited to start our Wise Choices program in collaboration with the Fontana Police Department.  Similar to the DARE program, Wise Choices teaches our sixth grade students about healthy choices.
  4. Our Strategic Goals team at Fontana is made up of parents, Fontana school staff, community members, and a CESA consultant guiding our work.  We are currently developing surveys to reach out to all stakeholders in our community for feedback.  We will be taking all information and developing goals to drive our education for the next 3-5 years.  Be on the lookout for more survey news coming soon as we look to implement our Strategic Plan for the 21/22 school year.
  5. This year is the 60th anniversary of our Outdoor Education (OE) Program.  We will be returning to the OE experience started 60 years ago by moving the camp from 5th grade back to 6th grade.  While there are a few restrictions with COVID we couldn't be more excited to celebrate this honored tradition at Fontana in 2021 starting Monday May 3rd.

The staff at Fontana continue to provide a school experience that is meaningful, educational, and memorable.  Everything planned requires additional time, resources, and energy due to safety and potential restrictions.  We couldn't be more proud of the "can do" mindset at Fontana to ensure every student is learning at a high level every day.  Have a great weekend Falcons!

Your Partners in Education