Hello Falcons,

Our week 36 highlight was our 8th grade graduation.  Plans for an outside ceremony were not dampened by weather.  Our staff and parent volunteers did an outstanding job to get all decorations and seating arranged in our gym.  It was so great to have parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents and family members to send off our 8th graders on to high school and beyond.  Here are FIVE things to know this week.

  1. Due to low turn out/interest our summer school will not take place this summer.  We think this time away will be rewarding, refreshing, and a time to recharge before returning to school in fall.  HERE is a link of our communication regarding summer school with a link for the Big Foot Recreation summer program that takes place at Fontana School.  See you all in Fall!
  2. We’re thrilled to announce Fontana J8 School District‘s new app! It’s everything Fontana, in your pocket. Download the app on Android: http://bit.ly/2DeHKwJ or iPhone: https://apple.co/2D9r362.
  3. As many of you know, a survey was sent out from our Strategic Goals team for feedback in our goal setting process.  Our team is made up of parent volunteers, community members, staff at Fontana, and outside consultants from CESA to guide our team.  The survey feedback, in addition to our district data, will inform our team for setting 3-5 goals focused on student learning and success for high school and beyond.  This team will not be adjusting or making decision on curriculum or change our educational makeup.  Please contact Steve Torrez storrez@fontana.k12.wi.us with any questions.
  4. We realize there have been many changes and adjustments to masks and COVID protocol in the last few weeks as vaccinations have increased and restrictions have slowly been lifting.  For the last four school days we will finish out the year with our current COVID protocol of masks while inside the building.  All protocol, restrictions, and planning will be reviewed this summer with adjustments and updates to be shared frequently.  Please call our office with any questions and thank you for being so supportive all school year.  With our help, we have made the entire school year with in person learning as our focus.
  5. MAP testing and all standardized tests have been completed for this school year.  We had a great turn out and completion rate this year.  In fact, our student attendance and attention to task completion was very good this year.  We have great strengths to build on as we head into next school year!

Thank you for all your patience, determination, and hard work this school year.  We can't wait to finish the last four days strong!  REMINDER, our last day of school, June 4th, is an early release at 11:20am.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend Falcons!

Your Partners in Education