Hello Falcons!!

Week 9 of the 21/22 school year was so fun!  We had our parents in for our traditional Halloween parade for the first time in two years and the trick-or-treat Falcons did not disappoint.  We completed our first round of parent/teacher conferences and we now head into November!!  Here are FIVE things to know this week:

  1. Be safe this Halloween and have fun!  The Village of Fontana trick-or-treating will take place from 4p-7p on Sunday October 31st.
  2. According to the CDC regular physical activity can help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age. It can also reduce your risk of depression and anxiety and help you sleep better.  Get out and move this weekend Falcons!
  3. Fontana Joint 8 School District was awarded a wellness grant and we are proud to partner with Irene Corzo and Associates and Evolve Performance to support our school community with physical, nutritional, and mental wellness.  Please reach out to Steve Torrez or Nikki Christensen for more details.  
  4. Fontana offers "Wellness Wednesdays" for our school community/parents every other Wednesday at 8:15am.  These take place at our school and provide different topics and a place to find out more about our school, learning, and wellness.  
  5. Fontana is truly a family first community.  Did you know that this week alone we had a parent help coach volleyball, parents rake and clean up the arboretum, multiple staff double up and/or work on their off time to ensure high levels of learning, and a local small business donate and make lunches for families to enjoy, at no cost, for the weekend.  Our PTSO supported staff with food during our evening conferences and our wonderful flower pots in front of the school are continually decorated and cared for by caring families.

It is common place for our school community to step up, where needed, to ensure everyone is well cared for while also providing opportunity to excel.  Teamwork and a true family atmosphere may not be visible everywhere, it is absolutely happening daily at Fontana and a strong part of the success in our school community.  Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween.

Your Partners in Education