Calendar changes

Hello Falcons,

We have had a busy few weeks/months and we wanted to share some significant updates to our school schedule.  At our School Board meeting on Monday we had a discussion on ways to provide extra time for staff and students to spend with their families as we head into the new year.

2021 has been an exceptionally challenging and emotional year for many and additional family time was found to be a way to give back to our school community.  The Board and Administration decided to adjust our school calendar and make December 22nd a non-attendance day for everyone.  This means that our last day of attendance for 2021 will now be Tuesday December 21st.

Due to the shifting schedule we will change the date of our Winter Concert to Wednesday, December 15th (The location will remain at Big Foot High School).  This is a week earlier, but with High School auditorium availability and student attendance concerns, we wanted to maximize the concert experience for our students.  The start time will remain 6p for the elementary music concert and 7p start time for 4-8 choir/band performances.

The Fontana School Board and Administration would like to share our gratitude to all of you for making 2021 as successful as possible.  With every challenge comes opportunity and our school family has taken on all challenges that have come our way.  We hope to see all of you at our Winter Concert on December 15th and also hope you enjoy your additional day off on December 22nd.  Thank you for all you do for our students, families and coworkers at Fontana. 

Your Partners in Education