School update

Hello Falcons!

Our 22nd week in the 21/22 school year saw some cold temperatures.  Please remember to send your Falcon with a warm jacket, hat, and gloves to be prepared for outside play.  We will continue to play outside as long as the temperature is 0 degrees or warmer.  Here are FIVE things to know this week:

  1. Fontana School is excited to offer another COVID vaccine clinic after school on January 27th.  The clinic will be in the Fontana cafeteria from 3-5pm on Thursday January 27th.  This is open to anyone that would like to attend and will include boosters and 1st or 2nd shots.
  2. Our students made great gains on their standardized testing this week.  We completed our winter benchmark testing and will now use the data to adjust/improve our instruction for all students.
  3. We completed our January drill this week.  All classes practiced in our tornado drill requirements.  Practicing safety procedures helps prepare our students and staff for unexpected events.  We practice fire, tornado, or safety drills each month.
  4. We had a group of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students participate in a county wide math meet this past week.  Students were given math tests and mental math problems in a competitive format to stretch their learning.  We look forward to offering more and more extension learning opportunities for our students.
  5. Some of our college and career activities include interest and job skill inventory done through our Xello software program.  Students in middle school work on beginning to identify college, career and interest categories through multiple activities.  This past week, our 8th grade students met with the guidance department from Big Foot High School to begin considerations for high school classes.  Our 8th graders asked many great questions and they are clearly ready to begin thinking about high school plans!

Martin Luther King Jr. once said "the time is always right to do what is right".  This past week our nation celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day and our goals in educating the whole child includes good decision making.  Have a great weekend and be well!

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