School update

Hello Falcons!!

Our final week in April was filled with recognitions, celebrations, and learning.  The 36th week of school reminded us that taking care of our environment is critical during our annual Arbor Day presentation.  Here are FIVE things to know this week:

  1. Fontana is proudly known as a "Tree City" and our 4th grade students are tasked with researching and presenting the importance of planting trees, taking care of our environment, and they described different trees in the United States.  A special thank you to Fontana Village President, Mr. Patrick Kenny and Mrs. Theresa Loomer, Village Administrator, for attending this special event.  We are grateful for the $250 check Mr. Kenny presented to our 4th grade that will be put to good use in protecting our trees/environment.
  2. As a reminder, our middle school track team practices on our school property everyday after school.  There will be cones placed in our parking lot and it is imperative that our families drive slowly and watch for runners.  Please take extra caution when entering our parking areas before and after school.
  3. It's not too late to sign up for summer school.  We are still taking applications and sign-up for our summer school programming.  This will be our 16th year of summer school.  We are happy to accept all students, not just Falcons so pass the word!  This year’s program will take place from July 5-July 21.  Click here for a registration packet.
  4. Thank you to all of our incoming 4k/5k families/students that came to our round-up on Friday.  It was awesome to meet and learn more about our incoming class of 2035 and 2036!!  Graduation is right around the corner!!
  5. In looking ahead, Fontana will be celebrating our Staff Appreciation Week starting May 9th.  We are so grateful for all of our hard working and dedicated staff at Fontana.  We look forward to celebrating and recognizing all of their hard work.

May Day is the Sunday!!  Have a great weekend Falcons and see you all Monday!

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