School update

Hello Falcons!!

Our summer has hit double digits as we completed the 10th week.  We continue to prepare, plan, and build on our successful 21/22 school year to make the 22/23 even better!!  Every week you will see teachers, custodians, parents, and community members stopping by to check in, plan, and/or develop ideas for the new year.  Here are FIVE things to know this week:

  1. Our registration and student class assignments for the upcoming year are nearly complete.  If you haven't already, please get your Falcon registered as soon as possible.  The link to our website for online registration is HERE.  As always, Mrs. Long ( and Mrs. Ziganto ( are available for registration support.
  2. Your last chance to get Falcon gear in our most recent spirit store will end on August 16th.  Get your fresh gear to kick off the new school year!  Link to store is HERE.
  3. Our open house for all 4k and any new 5k students will be on August 30th from 5-6p in our library.  This is a great chance to meet your teachers, drop off school supplies and take a ride on the school bus, which for many, might be their first time on a big school bus.
  4. Our "Back to School Night" for all 5k-8th grade students will be September 1st, from 5-6:30p.  Come meet your teacher, check out the classroom, drop off school supplies, and get any final details you might need before the school year begins.  Some students check out their lockers and meet up with the friends for the first time since school ended in June!  Always a special time and event!
  5. Please visit our website where you will find all things Falcon!  We are always working on updating and improving our website so any feedback is appreciated.  Link

Have a great week Falcons.  If anyone is still interested in anything related to our rummage sale, please contact the office for an update or chance to get a last look at our remaining materials.  There are a lot of tables, desks, puzzles, and kid games still available.

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