School update

Hello Falcons!!

Week 21 provided enough snow to once again sled during recess!  The cold kept us inside a few days, but we had a great time getting back outside in the snow for the second half of the week.  Here are FIVE things to know this week:

  1. We strive to support the whole child at Fontana, which includes community resources and supports that extend beyond our school walls.  Listed HERE is our support services newsletter that is done by our full-time school social worker.
  2. Our 7th grade students took the train to Chicago this week to attend the Lyric Opera with the other BFASA districts.  They enjoyed exploring the Windy City along with the cultural experience of an opera.  This is funded and supported by the Lake Geneva Chapter of the Lyric Opera and we are grateful for their continued support of the arts.
  3. On Friday, February 17th we will have our annual 4k/5k screening and play date for any families/students interested in being a part of the Fontana Family.  Our early childhood staff will meet and play with our 4k/5k students while parents will have an opportunity to learn about our programs, supports, and educational experience.  Our program will run from 1:30 to 3:30p on the 17th.  Please contact Devin Dennis at to reserve your spot.  Spaces are limited and bilingual (Spanish) supports will be available.
  4. We just finished our first Hot Chocolate Friday this week.  Our PTSO supports this wonderful tradition during each students lunch hour.  All students are able to get a hot chocolate at no cost, while also being able to provide donations for future hot chocolate Friday's.
  5. Our PTSO is offering brick pavers as a fundraiser to support our great school activities.  Below is an attached flier with more information.  These pavers will be a part of our school for a long time so please consider this fun activity/fundraiser.
  6. BONUS--Mrs. Bagby took 11 students to Harvard, IL on Saturday for a honor band experience.  Our 11 falcons were a part of over 100 students from IL and WI to showcase their talents in band.  They did amazing and so great to see our students in the community showing well.

Have a great weekend Falcons and enjoy the warmer weather!

Your Partners in Education